Earlier 2019 I bought myself a DJI Mavic Air drone. Still practicing. The drone itself is already very stable it still takes some practice to operate it in such a way that you get some nice footage out of it. Included some of my initial results that I have uploaded yo youtube.

Beach at Scheveningen

Molendriegang, in Leiden

Molen de Valk and Molen de Put in Leiden

When doing street photography the Ricoh GRII is mentioned quite often. It's small size, pocket ability, APS-C sensor and single handed operation are key qualities that makes this camera ideal for street photography. I contemplated several times to buy one, and until just recent I always resisted in doing so. But now I have one. And I think it's great. Included some shots I took with the GRII.

Lift the bril..
On the Phone
What is next
Nooduitgang/Emergency Exit

On May 20, 2018 the yearly Japan Market in Leiden took place. A lot of market stands. And also a lot of Cosplay. Included a number of photos shoot.

Bright yellow!

See you!

A bit camera shy.

Walking, talking and eating.

From looking away to looking straight in the camera!

They had quite a bit of fun!

Just arrived and on the way to the market.


Last week, while I was in Scheveningen, I witnessed a couple of dare devils doing bungy jumpen. Obviously I took a couple of shots that I have included here. The next picture gives a kind of overview of the venue.

On the way up. They are up for a duo jump.

And there they are on the way down,

Staying safe at the ground. These guys are up for the next round.

Getting close to the landings pad.

And the next are strapped up and on the way up.

And safely back again.

And proud.

Some pictures taken at the Japanese Market in Leiden (2016). A market place with food and other stuff. This shot is taken with the 7.5mm where the 3 ladies have quite a bit of fun preparing- and consuming food.

Food and Fun

Dreaming away...


I am ready for it.

Here you go..

Here you go

Just a car passing by.


Last week I added a Samyang 7.5mm 1:3.5 UMC Fisheye MFT to my collection of lenses. Below some first shots I took. Some of them I have 'defished'. All these shots are taken in Leiden, Netherlands. 

The next shot I too from a low angle. In fact I did put the camera on the ground and took some shots. The 7.5mm has a very wide angle and you should be really close to get some of your subject in the picture. 


Again shooting from a low angle again. 


Shot on a bridge.

Crossing the Bridge

Shot in a small street.

Roast and Toast

Since a long time a used my 45mm f/1.8 lens again. I used to shot a lot with my 17mm f/1.8. But now just for a change again on the 45mm lens. This requires really a different technique. I.e. shooting from the hip is almost impossible.

This one is shot at a train station in the Netherlands. A lot of people. And almost all of them are in a hurry to catch their train or see when the next train is leaving.

The look

Here people just returning from there trip from wherever. Not sure if they enjoyed the trip or like coming back again.

Reading the next steps from the itinerary to see where to go next.  


Arrived, now where to go next. Pointing directions.


The library is more then a bunch of books. It has become a place to study, meet, read, eat and drink. Some impressions included.

Reading Newspaper

Keep it quiet in your "own" little glasbox.


Checking some books.

Checking books

And do some studying. But wait, i sense some tension in the air.


New years dive 2016 in Scheveningen Netherlands. Sunny weather, checking the water before the run starts.

Checking the Water

And off they go! Piece!


Don't forget the selfie!

Newyears Divie

What is the best focal length for street photography. There is already a lot written on this subject. And it all depends.

Shooting with long focal lengths (more then 70mm) can for sure do the job, but it starts to lose intimacy. With short(er) focal lengths you are dragged into the scene as if you are part of it. Longer focal lengths makes it flat and more distant. You are more looking at a kind of postcard.

Quoting the famous street photographer Robert Capa - “If your photos aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”. So get close!

I lean more and more towards the 35mm full frame equivalent. I shoot with a Olympus M4/3 so for me that is the 17mm, f/1.8. A great lens. But, that means that you need to get close, what about the creepiness?

Well, true, you need to go close. On this I like and subscribe to the statement of Eric Kim on this: “Creepiness is proportional to focal length.”. And that just says it all. Shooting from far with long focal length is to me just more creepy then shooting close.

Some good resource for further reading:

Included an overview of what I consider my better pictures taken in 2015. In total I selected some 35+ pictures from more than 4000 (street photos) I took in 2015. Mostly in the cities of The Hague and Leiden (Netherlands).

The first time I actively used the the WiFi options of my OMD-EM10. I shot the following shots all via triggering with my phone over WiFi. You can come real close and just looking at your phone and shoot.


Doing some stuff with my phone. And yep there is the capture.


Shot a couple of pictures in the Central Book Library in The Hague. A vibrant, though quiet, environment. A lot of people enjoying the books. And also a lot of youngster working together on their homework. And also some just doing nothing and looking around. A place to be quietly around people.

Books, but not Reading

Working on the homework for next week.


Ok, now I am lost, what to do next?

Typing my stuff.

As part of a street photography workshop with Fokko Muller I worked on a little assignment: make a series of photos on a food market in Utrecht Netherlands. 

I have made a series of 4 photos. Arrival, selecting/pointing products, handover of the products and walking away again. Shot a few series, selected this one. A guy with nice trousers and hat. Let start with the arrival picture.

Lets buy some Fish (1/4)Part of series shot on a market in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Now he is pointing to the lady what he wants. Get me that and that. Yes thank you.

Thats what I want (2/4)Part of series shot on a market in Utrecht, Netherlands.

And then she packed everything in a little plastic bag and handed over. The lady on the left is also contemplating to buy some.

Here you have it (3/4)Part of series shot on a market in Utrecht, Netherlands.

And now he has stuff he is on his way (home) to enjoy the some nice fish!

Now on my way Home (4/4)Part of series shot on a market in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Though he still looks a bit worried. Did I forget something? 

The Japan Market (Japanmarkt) is an annual fair organized by Japanmuseum SieboldHuis. The event is a festive commemoration of the Japanese emperor’s visit to the Rapenburg in Leiden in the year 2000.

I took some pictures of the cosplayers. Kept them in colour, though did desaturate them. On my Flickr site I will publish these (most likely) in black and white.

These dressed-up and ready to be photographed.

Quite colourful in black and white as dominant colours.

Yellow this time. And with piece.

Greenish. And piece again. Though this time in the background.

For street photography its important that you can stay unnoticed. Therefor unwished sounds and light (when doing e.g. photography during evening/night) should be avoided. What I miss on my current OMD-EM10 is the following two features:

  • Silent Shutter Mode;
  • Ability to switch of the back screen completely;
The shutter of the OMD-EM10 makes quite a bit of sound. Especially if you put it to continuos mode. As such it can disable you staying stealth. Something similar is true for the back screen. Besides that it also consumes power it also can draw attention in dark/evening conditions.

So what photo sites to use. There are a lot of choices. I currently have some four photo sites in uses: Famous Flickr, 500px, Instagram and Facebook Page.

I keep gravitating to the Flickr site. It has a very active community and lots and lots, and I mean lots of pictures.

Then right after that you have the beautiful site of 500px. Also a lot of pictures. Not so many "family" pictures. Feels a bit more professional oriented.

And off course Instagram. Instagram has a vivid user group. And is an easy way to quickly post something from your mobile platform.

And off course good old Facebook. My least favourite platform.

Gestures. Whilst going over my photo library the idea of having some photos collected on themes (or projects) crossed my mind again. Had the idea earlier, but just now thought lets work it. Included a few photos with gestures.

You See

I will go there.

I go there

And we will go there.

Lets go there

April 27 2015 and the second kings day in the Netherlands is fact. People dress up and orange is the colour. Included a couple of pictures I took in the city of Leiden. This time published in colour, off course, just to make sure that orange does not get lost.

Toilets. Queuing up, the "little" announces of such a big public event. This lady points to itr me I go here first.

Selling your old stuff is one of the elements. No permits required today and today only.

Taking an orange hat, jacket and you are all set and done. Oh and a smile off course.

Published a book on street photography. This time I also included not only pictures but also background information on gear, exposure settings, guidelines like sunny 16 rule and zone focussing. I created the book in Apple Pages and converted it to PDF to upload to blurb.com. That is quite a hassle as you need to be very careful and precise on page settings etc. The book is available as physical book, as e-book and also via Apple's iBook store. The book can be found via: http://nl.blurb.com/b/6124772-my-street-photography

Perhaps the Bookwright tool might be more handy. Lets see for the next time. This methods as the plus, that you have an was source for further processing.

All pictures are copyright by Hans Winterink