Don't really know (yet). But the included one definitely had some good feedback on several social media. There is some kind of pattern though. High contrast, going from dark to light (or the other way around), a lot of patterns/lines and a leading line, some ingredients for a nice photo. Oh and reflections also adding to it. I like it myself as well.


Since some time used the 45mm/f.18 lens, iso. of my default one, nowadays the 17mm/f1.8. Need to get used again to the narrow view. No shooting from the hip possible anymore, did do some but all missed target. You need to use the view finder to hit something. And so I did the, few, pictures in this post are all taken by looking through the viewfinder. With my 17mm I shoot quite a lot from the hip.

Enjoy Urban Emptyness

This lady was just stepping pretty much in front. Not fully sharp, but sharp enough.

Nice weather and skaters are waking up again. One however preferred the bike though.

Eight in a series of 12: Month August in Review. This month only a few pictures all taken in France. The July in review can be found here

People watching a bird show:


A character:

The look

Going for a new hat:

Do you like it?

Passing by:

Passing by

Seventh in a series of 12: Month July in Review. This mont only a few pictures. The June in review can be found here. A few shots taken in Leiden and The Hague.

Some chairs nicely in line in the Church:


Taking a rest from shopping and shopping:

Take a break

Just a guy that starts biking:


Sixth in a series of 12: Month June in Review. The May in review can be found here. A few shots taken in Leiden and The Hague:

Fifth in a series of 12: Month May in Review. The April in review can be found here. A few shots taken in Leiden and The Hague:

Fourth in a series of 12: Month April in Review. The March in review can be found here. A few shots taken in Leiden and The Hague:

Waiting for the bus to go home (@Leiden Central Station):


Inside central station Leiden, looking 3 ways:


Inside a church in Leiden:


Third in a series of 12: Month March in Review. The February in review can be found here. Continuing on my path to practice and understand street photography a bit better. The first kinda silhouette picture I took in Leiden Central Station.


And a picture against an nice background, this one is taken in The Hague.


This guy is "escaping" the book market stand. Taken in Leiden.


Three in a row. The magic number 3.


Resting in a Shopping street in The Hague.


Second in a series of 12: Month February in Review. The January in review can be found here. In February I borrowed for a weekend an Olympus P5 to go for a shoot. This was for me the starting point of a decision to go for something smaller then my DSLR for Street Photography.

This was one of the first shot I took. A couple passing a shop window, advertising Valentine.

Happy Valentine

This shot was the first try to shoot through a window.

Having a breakListen...

This (older) guy is buying some snacks from Sai Gon Loempia's.

Sai Gon Loempia

Also some shots from The Hague:


The year 2014 is almost over. Time to look backwards and review the (street) pictures I have taken in 2014. In 2014 I started to more and more focus on street photography. Also adjusted my gear and got myself an Olympus OMD-EM10 in May 2014. I started with the standard 14-42mm lens, but during the year changed lenses to an Olympus 45mm, f/1.8 and the Olympus 17mm, f/1.8. Both are fantastic lenses. In between had the Sigma 19mm, f/2.8 DN, and sold that one in favour of the 17mm. I also still own an Canon EOS550D and with the 70-200mm, f/2.8 this is also a great combi. Not so much though for street photography, unless you want to stay at distance.

I will go over my last years pictures month by month and therefor this is the first in a series of 12 blog posts.

The following pictures I took during the so-called new-years dive in Scheveningen. Every year a lot of people will run into the sea and take a dive to start the new year fresh. The first one are a couple of guys posing for a group picture, this one however is a "steel".

This lady went into the sea with her (plastic) boots.

This guy is arriving in a nice "golden" suite and carrying his stuff to have himself prepared to go for the swim.

Perhaps it helps to keep your clothes on.. Don't thinks so, but you never know.

And fully prepared in the bathing stuff they are on there way to enjoy a nice cold swim. Good luck.

Took a couple of picture in Leiden at Night. All around the Central Station. This first one was taken at the backside of the Central Station.


The entry hall of the Hospital LUMC.

Going down

Inside the central station.

Going up

Already on my list for a bit of time. But today, did decided to actually go out and get it, and I did. Included a couple of shots i took in Rotterdam.

This one I took in the parking garage of the so-called "Markthal". I really great place, lots of things going on. And an arty market place.

Going Up

This one is just one of the many market places inside the markethal.

Wine Left and Right

This lady is buying nuts. I love the light of this one.


Focussing on the nuts, in the background a girl is tasting some of these nuts.

Mid this year (2014) I created my 1st street photography book. I published it via to and also created and released an iBook version. The iBook version van be found via: here. The amazon version van be found via here.

iBook about Streetphotography

Received my new iPhone 6 and went for a few quick test shots. See how they came out. First a one that I have processed to black and white on the iPhone with Snapseed.

The next two are straight out of the iPhone. Not the most exiting scenery but ok for testing. I think the quality is good.

After a while of not finding the time to go out and do some street shots I have found a moment to go into the city again to take a few shots.

She is having a break! Leaving her desk for a minute or so she is having a smoke break, just outside the phone shop she is working in. Not only having a smoke, but most likely also checking her mail/social media stuff.

Smoking Break

The next shot was taken from inside a shop and the two individuals are looking inside if there is something of their like.

Look at that..

This lady is passing (the same) shop without showing any interest in what it has to offer. She does not need (another) piece of stuff.

Straight face

Going down and up. Entry point to a museum that starts below street level. You either go in or exit it via the same stairs.

Up and Down

If you want to have a quick introduction on how to setup you OMD-EM10 then Thomas Leuthard has a very nice youtube video on this subject (see youtube move I have included below).

I have changed two settings. The first I changed is enabling the SCP (Super Control Panel) function. This enables that you can access the SCP straight from pressing the "Ok" button. This really makes it more easy to change your settings.

Display - Control Settings (P/A/S/M)

The other setting I changed is the Flash Slow Limit (standard 1/60, and I have changed it to 1/200, in the picture below that is 1/160). This makes sure that the exposure time will not go below 1/200, by first increasing the ISO (up to the limit you set, I did set that on 6400).

Below you can find the youtube that explains the settings of the OMD-EM10 more extensively.

Friday August 29, 2014 it was time for the 21st edition of the so-called "Poldercross Warmond". It is a run in which a number of muddy waters needs to be crossed. And thats makes you dirty, real dirty and smelly, real smelly.

Poldercross Warmond 2014Overview of (part of) the track of the Poldercross Warmond

There are a number of muddy water crossings. In the area I mostly took the pictures there where some 6 crossing as numbered in the google map above. I took pictures at pretty much all of these crossings. Because started around 6pm darkness start to fall in and light is something to take into account. Crossing #5 is wide in the open and has the brightest light condition. The other crossing are a bit less ideal from a light perspective. However crossing #6 is the last one to be taken before finishing. And yes then they are pretty tired, and crossing #6 is a bit of deep muddy water. So a good location to take nice pictures. I have included a number of pictures in here. But a lot can be found on site where I sell these muddy pictures.

So move to for all the pictures I have taken on the 21st Poldercross In Warmond.

Beside the regular holiday pictures of family, touristic sights etc. I also made a few street pictures. However the fact that there are only small(er) villages in the surrounding, and on top of that not being familiar with these surroundings makes it not really ideal for street shooting. Now I realise more then ever that knowing the surroundings is a big plus.

And indeed going to the same place again and again, puts you in a better position to understand the surrounding and what is likely about to happen. That makes it more easy to shoot a nice picture. However I have done it, and it can be done. So included some of the pictures in here. These are taken all in France.

Now just over a month actively started with street photography. And in combination with processing in black and white I like it. Learning to look and observe better. Taking tips and see how to get them apply them in practice. And progressing, i think, believe.

Though still a lot to learn. Looking at others photos is a good inspiration. They look so simple, and still they are hard to make.

Started to experiment with street photography. Black and white or color? And how and where? Lots of questions. But just starting and see how it will works.

Included a few of the of the first shots I took. Quite happy with it. Compared the colour and black and white version side by side. Somehow it works better in black and white.

All pictures are copyright by Hans Winterink